Instruction for Handling Sensitive Teeth

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Instruction for Handling Sensitive Teeth

If you’re feeling a painful sensation while eating, drinking, or brushing then the problem can be sensitive teeth. Their several problems that cause sensitivity but the concern here is how to get relief from this sensitivity effectively. Our Indian Ayurveda has relief for everything and if this is not going with self-care then it is advised to visit the best dental clinic in Noida that helps you to get relief from these sensitive teeth with the best treatments.

There are some treatments mentioned you can have on your own if the sensitivity is minimal once it gets major then don’t think twice about visiting the best dental clinic in Noida

Use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth

using a toothpaste specifically made for sensitivity proved helpful. The reason for your sensitive teeth is sometimes that they get any hole or cavity that gives direct exposure to sensitive nerves. This specific sensitive toothpaste includes ingredients that fill up the cavity and stop this direct contact with sensitive nerves which reduces the sensitivity.

Use only soft brushes

This is the most important tip to avoid sensitivity because most people believe that a stiff brush provides better cleaning but the reality is not that your gums get hurt by the excessive stiffness of these brushes as they break the hard covering of teeth which leads to holes and cavity giving direct contact to sensitive nerves not only this it can also worsen gum recession. Try a soft brush gentle to your gums and teeth that prevent sensitivity.

Use a mouthguard at night

Cavity and holes in enamel are not the only reason for this sensitivity sometimes the problem occurs due to bruxism in which a person faces problems due to the grinding of teeth at night. To stop this grinding you can go to a dentist who will customize a mouth guard as each face has different shapes which reduces the pressure of teeth grinding at night time.

Make a saltwater mouthwash

Making a saltwater mouthwash sensitivity is the best self-treatment as both the ingredients are easily available. Sometimes we eat junk food which increases the bacterial growth in teeth that causes sensitivity. The salt water helps to maintain the pH level inside the mouth and creates an alkaline environment that reduces bacterial growth this salt water also reduces plaque. The mouthwash only needs two tablespoons of salt mixed in one cup of warm water. Use this mouthwash in the morning and evening for early results.

Oil pulling

Sensitivity due to bacterial growth is solved by oil pulling. It’s a process when you swish coconut oil around your mouth. This is the oldest technique to cure sensitivity. Coconut oil reduces bacterial growth and removes plaques and toxins from the teeth and gums. It promotes healthier gums and teeth that in return reduce sensitivity also whiten your teeth and give you a bright smile. All you need to do is swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and then spit. Follow the process with a rinse of warm water.

Relieve pain with clove

Cloves are anti-inflammatory ingredients used to treat sensitivity. The ingredient reduces bacterial growth and pain. You can use this extract as a mouthwash for healthy gums and teeth and also use a paste of cloves with a mix of coconut oils on the gum also reduces insensitivity.

Avoid problematic food and beverages

There are some foods and beverages in our day-to-day diets that worsen sensitivity which needs to be completely avoided. Acidic foods and drinks such as coffee, pickles, and sodas are the biggest causes of sensitivity. Avoid these completely to reduce insensitivity.

If not getting relief from any of the remedies then visit the dentist who will help you to treat the problem by

Talk to your dentist about the dental varnishes and coatings for sensitivity

sometimes the problem reaches at worst stage which later not easy to deal with. If you are the one facing this or any of your family members, friends, and relatives then must go to the best dentist who will apply a layer of protection to your mouth reduce sensitivity, and prevent future problems. Fluoride varnish contains a resin-like material used to coat the teeth which reduces the contact to the sensitive nerves which results in lower sensitivity or not at all. The process continues for some time depending on the hole or cavities in the teeth where your dentist applies the varnish coat until the hole or cavities fill.


Scheduled a dental appointment to have your gums checked

some of the sensitivity is normal but when you are seeing abnormal pain and symptoms for a long time then you must visit the dentist. It is not a small problem, the problem of sensitivity is periodontal disease, a dangerous gum infection. The symptoms you will see here are:


  • Pain and swelling in the gums 
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Loose or sore teeth
  • Bleeding from your gums


If left untreated can cause a major problem if facing any of the symptoms with the sensitivity then fix an appointment as soon as possible. later on, your dentist will see this and provide you necessary treatment and medication required The following tips should be followed to prevent tooth sensitivity Maintain good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular checkups.

Noida Dental Solutions is the best dentist in Noida providing treatment related to oral care. We are experts in our field and passionate about treating our customers with love and care. We are well known for our best sensitive teeth treatments. The reason for the sensitivity is not the same for everyone some face this problem due to weak enamel whereas some have it due to bacteria overgrowth we assist our patients and have necessary tests and actions to find the best cure for the sensitivity. 

We customize our treatments according to the situation and always treat with the best from treating the sensitivity to checking the same with regular dental checkups we are the best service provider. We have upgraded tools and machinery needed for the dental checkup and treatment. Our quality of service with care makes us the best dental clinic in Noida. Try out our services today for the best results.

Noida Dental Solution is not limited to any one problem we provide services for all dental diseases. We understand the situation before taking any action and work on it according to the needs dedicated and passionate to our services and always try to learn more and more for better and advanced treatments and services.

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