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Dr. Balram

Dr. Balram Naagar, founder of Noida Dental Solutions is a dental expert, an inspirational, passionate and life changing speaker who is brought up in the nation’s capital, Delhi and schooled in Delhi. He went on to complete his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious College KDCRC, Moradabad. He is member of Indian Dental Association. He has been Resident in LBS Hospital, Delhi (Delhi Govt.)

He later did his Bachelor of law (LLB) specialized in medico legal system from Walson law Institute.

He has experience of 14+ years in the field of Dentistry.

A keen learner during his academic years he believes that learning is a lifelong process. Hence he keeps up upgrading his knowledge through various national & international conferences and learning programs which includes-

  1. Advance training in Occlusion, TMJ Disorders and Headaches.
  2. ADA Certification in Implants
  3. Certificates in Restorative Dentistry
  4. Certificates in Aesthetic Dentistry
  5. Experience in Modified Technique in Bone and soft tissue Grafting

Being a socially responsible person he believes that education precedes development. He conducts & participates in various dental health awareness camp conducted in & around Delhi NCR.

He is passionate in sharing step-by-step strategies that can be implemented to make massive changes to your practice progressive

He believes in Oral Health is the key to overall Health. He was national Judo player and also volley ball player at inter zone & university level. With all his work, he does take time for his passion ie. Reading & Travelling

His motto is “Not just to treat the teeth, but the individual as a whole to help them live better & happy life.”

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