TMJ Disorder Treatment

TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a problem where individuals have pain and tenderness in the jaw joints and surrounding tissues and ligaments. The common reasons known behind the problem are unnecessary teeth grinding, severe jaw injury, arthritis, and many others we will describe further in detail. Moving to the treatment, temporomandibular joint specialist in Noida analyze the individual’s problem and come up with an exclusive solution that may include lifestyle modifications and medications. physical therapy and jaw surgeries. 

Understanding TMJ disorder

It is a particular disorder that attacks the jaw joints and nearby muscular region where the patient may have pain, and headaches, and must be facing problems with regular functions like eating, opening, or closing. You must know that TMJ refers to a jaw joint where the problem is temporomandibular joint dysfunction. There are two joints on the side of the faces close to your ears. The joints connect your lower jaw with the skull responsible for chewing and eating. The problem has been getting more common day by day due to the worse lifestyle of individuals, mostly seen in adults person around 5 to 12%.

Here are the types of TMJ disorder

  1. The very first categorization is a disorder of your jaw joints
  2. It can be also seen as the effect of your chewing muscles
  3. Whereas some people get headaches due to the above problems

There are proper treatments offered by the temporomandibular joint specialist in Noida based on individual conditions and symptoms associated.

TMJ Disorder Treatment in Noida

Symptoms associated with TMJ dysfunction

  • Always a pain in the jaw
  • Must have facial pain
  • Stiffness and tenderness
  • Jaw popping and clicking with every moment of jaw
  • Migraine or ear pain
  • Change in alignment of face
  • Toothache
  • Shoulder or neck pain
  • Difficulty with usual functions like biting and chewing

Causes of TMJ dysfunction:

There is no proper single cause defined for tmj dysfunction which raises the need for customized TMJ disorder Treatment in Noida.

  • Any jaw injury including broken or dislocation
  • Bruxism, a common problem of unnecessary teeth grinding
  • Arthritis has also a major impact on jaw joints
  • Unnecessary stress causing muscle tension
  • Misalignment of teeth or when you’re teeth don’t fit properly together

As we have said earlier, there are no proper causes but here are some factors for which you need to be careful to make it worse

  • Bad habits like using your teeth as a tool for tearing off anything
  • Excessive pressure on the neck and shoulder leads to bad posture and may also affect the temporomandibular joint
  • Anxiety or stress leads to chewing of pens, pencils, and other causes of TMJ dysfunction
  • bad ice-chewing habits also contribute to TMJ disorders
  • overuse of jaw 
  • sleeping on the stomach cause alignment and makes the pain worse with time

Noida dental solution: temporomandibular joint specialist in Noida

Now you have to be careful about choosing the experts for temporomandibular joint disorder in Noida. End your search here we are here to support you to the fullest and offer the best treatment, Noida Dental Solution is your exclusive solution to all such problems.


Noida Dental Solution has a team of specialists providing the best treatment for temporomandibular joint dislocation in Noida. We offer you highly experienced professionals who aim to help individuals with this problem. We follow a systematic process of TMJ disorder treatment in Noida that begins with the diagnosis and testing of the problem.

Diagnosis and testing

Noida Dental Solution offers you a comprehensive range of treatments where primary one is a physical examination where our experts ask individuals to perform these activities, which includes

    1. analyzing the motion during the opening and closing of the mouth
    2. they may have pressed your jaw or the surrounding area to test the pain level
    3. they may check out the movement 

There Are Particular Tests Available To Get A Better Image Of Your TMJ Disorder

  1. dental x-rays: it helps with a better understanding of structure and whether there is any dislocation or not.
  2. Ct scans: They offer clearer images where they also analyze the problems with the muscles and ligaments.
  3. MRI: it helps with the analysis of the performance of jaw joints.
  4. In very critical cases, if anyone else has not worked TMJ arthroscopy is performed.

Noida Dental Solution offers you these TMJ disorder treatments in Noida:

  1. Once the problem is properly analyzed, they proceed with the particular treatment matching with individual needs and requirements. The management of the disorder includes overcoming the problem in addition to all these tests, the expert may ask you about the patient’s symptoms, issues, and more that contribute to making the TMJ disorder worse. They may also have a clinical examination where they just check out the problem with simple techniques like bite evaluation, and ask you about the tenderness or stiffness level. Here is the list of TMJ disorder treatments in Noida and in case any of it doesn’t work, our expert move forward with the surgery.

Let’s understand the medical and nonsurgical treatments first:

Medications: Noida Dental Solution offers you the expert who focuses on the result first and we think of ultimate satisfaction for the patient when at the very beginning stages of the condition, we only prefer medications.

    • Pain relievers are given to the patient to minimize the severe pain
    • Nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs are provided to reduce the impact of the disorder
    • Experts advise muscle relaxers for those having any muscle tension

Nonsurgical TMJ disorder Treatment in Noida

These are the few common types of nonsurgical treatment followed by Noida dental solutions.

  1. Mouth guards: our experts offer you mouth guards to avoid unnecessary grinding and to keep your jaw joint in an aligned position. These are made after the analysis as each individual has different jaw shapes and requires customized solutions.
  2. Physical therapy is provided to the patient that facilitates the movement of the jaw and includes stretches that strengthen the joints.
  3. Triggered injection: our experts offer dry needling or injections for the patient looking for immediate pain relief.
  4. Ultrasound therapy givens to the patient where heat rays are passed to the tissues through ultrasound.
  5. The transcutaneous electrical nerve system includes the use of low-level electrical current to relieve the pain and to relax the jaw joints.

In addition to all these, our experts advise you about lifestyle modifications an individual can make in their life to improve their treatment conditions including eating habits, avoiding overuse of jaw joints, and more which are found to be unique for individuals based on their conditions.

Surgical Methods Are Taken Into Consideration For Instant And Effective Relief Of The Patients.

  1. Arthrocentesis: in this specific procedure, doctors use a needle to remove the excessive fluid from the jaw joints making them sore. These provide relief from the pain and conditions.
  2. TMJ arthroscopy: here the experts proceed with an incision near the ear through which a tube with have camera and tools are inserted later on the surgery is done with the motive of providing relief from the tmj.
  3. Open joint surgery is the process that is followed if any of the two don’t work where the doctor has to make a large incision for TMJ disorder Treatment in Noida.

Why choose only Noida dental solutions?

All these required are high expertise and experience temporomandibular joint specialist in Noida which is ultimately offered by the Noida dental solution. We are a trusted and recommended dentist when it comes to any dental problems. We offer you a comprehensive range of treatments like teeth cleaning, root canal treatment, teeth whitening and many more under our expertise guidance, and vision. In addition to all these, we give you the following features:

  • Comprehensive treatment: we hereby inform all our customers that you don’t need to worry once you step into the Noida Dental Solution clinic. We here take all your responsibility from initial consultation, treatment, and pre and post-treatment procedures and proceed until we are successful in eliminating the disorders.
  • Affordable: being the doctors, whom people consider as the god we never think of earning profit from our profession. We have specialists in temporomandibular joint dislocation in Noida who share the common goal of patient relief from the disorder at a very reasonable rate. Everyone now can have premium professional services without any effect on budget or pockets. Don’t ignore get in touch with us as soon as possible for ultimate rely on the problem.
  • Patient priority: we keep all our treatment in the direction of patient satisfaction. We listen to their pain and discomfort and guide them properly for complete relief and solution. Our expert passion and dedication toward the work make them professional and we offer you the necessary environment to ensure that the patient does not have any inconvenience in terms of treatment.

You can contact us through our official website, and make a prior appointment to avoid wastage of time and effort in the crowd. you can learn more about us through our official website.

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