Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is a particular treatment taken into consideration when the individual’s major teeth are damaged and have a high need for restoration and correction. The term full mouth rehabilitation is not only limited to teeth only, it is concerned with the complete care of the mouth with a major focus on aesthetic font also.


In simple words, the treatment is a combination of improving the beauty of an individual smile with restorative dentistry practices to ensure that the patient must have healthy functioning of the teeth. It is a tailored approach followed to meet the individual unique set of needs. It is a comprehensive process that offers you complete oral health with treatment of jaw joints, bites, smiles, and facial conditions.

Noida Dental Solution offers the best dental treatments:

Noida Dental Solutions is the best clinic in Noida offering an individual wide range of dentistry treatments have qualified experts who aim to solve individuals’ dental problems. We offer you the exclusive treatment for full mouth rehabilitation in Noida. Some numerous factors and conditions determine the need for treatment, have a sight at them below:

Who needs full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation in Noida is given to patients who have multiple dental issues including:

    • Excessive clenching or grinding of teeth leads to cracks and fractures 
    • Several gum diseases make it the worst
    • When an individual suffering from misalignment of the bite
    • Individuals with temporomandibular joint dislocations
    • When there is a loss of density and strength in jaw joints
    • When there is a need for tooth replacement
full mouth rehabilitation in Noida

The common procedure followed under full-mouth rehabilitation

As we have discussed it is completely a personalized treatment but a few common elements are seen everywhere in individuals with conditions like onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, etc focused on improving the bad condition of teeth and focusing on the good and healthy smile.

    1. Inlays and onlays to cover cavities: when the individual is facing huge damage to the tooth that is not even capable of supporting the filling then the crown is made to RCTs to ensure that filing doesn’t come out. Inlays are restricted to the smaller gaps between the teeth that need filing whereas outlays are provided to the larger areas. This performs the function of the crown but is completely different from it as It does not provide a whole cover.
    2. Dental crowns to restore or protect teeth: these are the caps used to cover the damaged and cracked teeth. When filing is not successful then crowns help in preserving and reshaping the teeth, these crowns are generally made up of resins, metals, and ceramics also customized to perfectly meet the individual tooth structure.
    3. Dental veneers to have a healthy smile: these are the finest solutions for all those suffering from damage to front teeth. It is a thin cover glued to the front teeth to provide a beautiful smile. They are common solutions for individuals who have chipped teeth, gaps between the teeth, and are misshaped.
    4. Treatment for TMJ: TMJ has also a major contribution to the need for full mouth rehabilitation in Noida where our experts adopt arthroscopy to help individuals get over the condition, free from the pain and misalignment of the face.
    5. Dental implants in case of replacement: these are artificial dental roots used to replace the missing tooth with metal screws. These come with an option of permanent and temporary made as per the needs of patients.

What are the advantages of full mouth rehabilitation in Noida?

  • Damaged teeth repairs improve the function 
  • Enhanced the features of teeth including chewing, biting, etc.
  • Provided a healthy attractive smile
  • Improve the jaw joint strength

What is the process of full mouth rehabilitation in Noida?

Noida Dental Solutions wants you all to know that it is not a process complete in one visit, it may need 4-5 or more based on the different conditions. Here the foremost step followed under the process is the examination of the current conditions, where they advise the x-rays and scans to know better internal problems. Once all the problem is analyzed, our experts design the treatment based on the problems and also focus the smile improvement through reshaping bites, fixing cracked teeth, and cavities, and more. 

We priorly focus that it must be treated with minimal methods at first later on if not solved with anything we proceed with implants, replacement, and restoration.

Get in touch with us now to get the exclusive full-mouth rehabilitation and many more treatments like teeth cleaning, root canal treatment, teeth whitening and many more in Noida at very reasonable prices, to know more visit the website.

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